About Us


Our Company

GutterScreen is an Australian owned company established in 1992 which specialises solely in the manufacture, supply and installation of gutter protection systems to both the domestic and commercial/industrial markets.

Due to GutterScreen’s extensive knowledge and wide range of products we are able to provide specialist solutions for all types of roofs, gutters and applications. GutterScreen specialises in recommending, supplying and installing the right product at the right price.
GutterScreen prides itself on its quality of service and workmanship. A high proportion of our work comes from word of mouth.

Call us now on 1300 858 096 and we will be happy to provide you with details of homes that have had GutterScreen’s products installed in your area.

Why use a Gutter Screen?

Leaf and debris build up in your guttering system can severely shorten the life span of your gutters and down pipes. Replacing gutters and down pipes is an expensive exercise, and cleaning your gutters yourself can also be dangerous. By installing GutterScreen’s products you can ensure you get the maximum life span out of your gutters and down pipes and your feet are firmly on the ground.

GutterScreen’s products are almost maintenance free, which means you will never have to clean your gutters again. GutterScreen’s 10-15 year warranty on its products and workmanship, which gives you the peace of mind that your gutters and valleys remain free of debris and are therefore able to allow the free flow of water from your roof as they are designed to do.

How the System Works

GutterScreen’s products employ a unique system that creates a ski slope effect down your roof and over the gutter’s edge allowing leaves and debris to fall freely from the roof and not get caught in your guttering system. The GutterScreen systems prevent leaf build up in your gutters and valleys ensuring the maximum life span for your gutters and downpipes. To learn more about our products and how it works please visit the products section of our web site.

Areas we Service

GutterScreen services the whole of the inner and greater Sydney region.

Call 1300 858 096 or contact us online for your obligation free quote.