Fire Hazard Reduction

A build up of leafs and debris in your gutters and valleys poses a serious risk for bush fire prone areas as this dry material allows fire embers to ignite possibly starting a fire that could move quickly from the gutter up into your roof cavity. As GutterScreen totally eliminates the build up of leaf debris from your gutters and valleys, it eliminates the ability for embers to ignite.

GutterScreen’s Aluminium Screen has been specifically designed for bush fire prone areas. As it is a metal product it will withstand burning embers and complies with Council’s and Australian standards for extreme bush fire areas.

GutterScreen has been helping Australians to protect their homes from bush fire for over 15 years.

How does GutterScreen Gutter Guard help to protect my home from bush fire?

GutterScreen Gutter Guard is installed on to your gutter and has been designed to leave no gaps between your gutter and your roof line. It ensures that your roof line is sealed off and in turn helps to protect your roof as well as your gutters from flying embers.

What makes GutterScreen Gutter Guard the best option for my home?

GutterScreen Gutter Guard has been granted from the CSIRO a zero flammability certificate – this means that there is 0 chances that it will become flammable in a fire – unlike other gutter guard products made from aluminum or plastic. GutterScreen Gutter Guard will not ignite or melt under intense heat and is anti-corrosive. Hot embers landing on GutterScreen Gutter Guard will simply burn out.