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Though Gutterscreen is based in Sydney, we are happy to help the wider Australian community by recommending trustworthy Gutter Guard installers in Melbourne too!

We figured we’d put together this information page to show that popular Gutter Guard products and requirements vary between regions, in this case between Sydney and Melbourne. It’s important to find a Gutter Guard installation team who understands this and tailors their services to suit the region they are based in.

We highly recommend Grayson’s Gutter Guard to anyone with a property in Melbourne that could benefit from high-quality gutter guard installation. On top of their quality products, they have a friendly team and always provide impeccable service. You can find more information on how they can help you below.

How does the weather impact the type of Gutter Guard best suited to a property in Melbourne compared to Sydney?

As we all know, the weather in Melbourne can be quite… unpredictable. Generally, though, Melbourne weather is a little cooler than Sydney, with less extreme UV heat.

For this reason, polymesh systems can be more safely used. Non-screwed gutter protection systems, such as Triple-G® Gutter Guard may often be the best option and are more widely used across Victoria, especially in the Southern (cooler) parts of the state.

Though Triple-G® guards are a fantastic value-for-money option and are less disruptive than screw-in gutter guard varieties, they may not last as long in Sydney’s warmer weather than they would in Melbourne’s cooler climate as they aren’t made of metal mesh.

What other natural circumstances can affect Gutter Guard recommendations in Melbourne and Sydney?

The leafier the suburb, the more prone a home will be to having blocked gutters on a regular basis. This means homeowners in these areas will need to either have them regularly cleaned, or install Grayson’s ScrewTight® to reduce the risk of blockages and damage to their homes.

In addition to this, where bushfires are a real risk in the bushy outer Sydney and Melbourne suburbs, the best choice for commercial and residential Gutter Guards is the sturdy Bushfire Ember Gutter Guard variety. It has been specially designed to meet the needs of homes in Greater Melbourne and country Victoria areas with a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating.

While parts of Sydney are leafier, you can find areas in both cities that will benefit from Bushfire Ember Gutter Guards.

Can the age of my home affect the type of Gutter Guard installation required?


We’ve been seeing a significant increase in the amount of box gutters on residential properties built from the 2000s onward. Before that they were generally used on factories and commercial buildings. Box gutters require a different type of Gutter Guard installation method and may affect the type of gutter protection your home ends up needing.

Aside from the different types of gutters that are built on newer houses compared to older ones, the risk of animal intrusions generally decreases as homes age. If you live in a newer home, you can expect more points of entry for birds, possums and other creatures to gain access to the eaves and roofing. Generally, after 15 years or so, these points of entry have been found and blocked off.

Melbourne has a high proportion of newer homes as opposed to Sydney. This means that a large number of homes in Melbourne may be suffering from birds nesting in eaves and other animals living in roofing, compared to the Sydney homes that have already had any points of entry blocked up.

Why do we recommend Grayson’s Gutter Guard for professional Gutter Guard installation in Melbourne?

The team at Grayson’s has perfected the art of Gutter Guard installation and maintenance. They offer a wide range of Gutter Guard solutions and services including…

Triple-G® Gutter Mesh

A safe, affordable and less disruptive option that’s perfect for slate, shingled and asphalt roofs. A great option for bird proofing homes by blocking off points of access.

Box Gutter Guard Installation

Box gutters require a specific method of gutter protection installation in order to achieve quality results.

Full-Metal Gutter Mesh

A permanent form of gutter protection that’s perfect for homes in leafy areas and achieves a more complete fit. Nowadays Grayson's mainly uses this for repairing old gutter guard splits by patching over the area.

Bushfire Ember Mesh Gutter Guard

Non-combustible mesh that is woven like fabric with 2mm sized holes, making it extremely resistant to tears and effective at keeping out airborne embers.

Gutter Guard Repair & Maintenance

Grayson’s provides the full scope of gutter repair and maintenance services, even restoring gutter protection that was installed as far back as the 1990s. As owners of some of Melbourne's top gutter guard brands, they have a ready supply of replacement parts to match.

Grayson’s Gutter Guards also come in a huge range of colours in order to perfectly complement the homes of their clientele. As experts in their field, you can trust Grayson’s Gutter Guard to solve your Melbourne gutter protection problems once and for all!

If you’re in Melbourne, get in touch with Grayson’s now on 1800 GUTTER or visit their website: