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Yes the gutter protection systems we use will suit most roof and gutter applications. Every roof is different from one another; our systems are very versatile & suit the majority of roofs. Our gutter guard mesh come in a range of Colourbond® colours to match your roof. For gutters the trim which is supplied in most cases will be the exact same colour as your gutter.

A few things determine what guard you need:

  • Type of debris common in the area
  • Bushfire danger
  • The design in which your roof & gutter have been constructed

Expanded Aluminium mesh, Fine Aluminium and Fine Stainless Steel mesh have a 15 year manufacturer guarantee with a life expectancy 20 or so years. The Polyethylene Plastic GutterScreen product comes with a 10 year guarantee and a life expectancy of 15 or so years

Yes, we thoroughly clean your entire guttering system & flush out your down pipes to ensure everything is working as it should.

GutterScreen’s products will keep up to 95% of leaves and debris out of your gutters. Pine needles and Jacaranda are best used with the fine mesh products available, even though the mesh will keep the majority of them out some still get through. The ones that get through the mesh will be washed away when it rains.


Yes, every gutter protection system will need a certain amount of maintenance, omitting this is something many companies will not do. Our products require very minimal maintenance. The main thing you may have to do from year to year is simply check there is minimal silt build up in your guttering, if so give it a quick hose out and you’re done. Our system allows you to hose through the guard.

Each house needs to be quoted as it depends on the construction of your house, the roof pitch, type of roof used and also the height to be able to determine an exact costing for the system. So please request for a obligation free measure and quote. We are available 6 days a week. GutterScreen has various gutter protection products to suit your budget and needs. You will be surprised how affordable gutter protection system are.

An average house, and subject to weather conditions, will take around 1 day.

No. The HDPE Polyethylene Plastic GutterScreen plastic is specially designed and includes UV stabilisers and UV absorbers in its manufacturing process that ensures that the mesh will last up to 15 years without breakdown. We supply a 10 year warranty against UV breakdown by the manufacturer.

Yes. Our Expanded Aluminium Mesh and Fine Aluminium and Fine Stainless Steel mesh are approved for use in bushfire prone areas. With a Flammability Index of 0 (the best) for the expanded mesh and a Flammability Index of 1 for the Fine Stainless Steel and Fine Aluminium Mesh as tested by the CSIRO

Yes all our products are 100% recyclable.

GutterScreen’s products will work on most roof applications such as all tile, metal, corrugated, Trimdek, bullnose and Kliplok roofs.

Our products can protect both gutters and roof valleys. We can also cover box gutters and rain heads.

Yes. Most metal roofs and gutters are manufactured from Colorbond Steel. The Expanded Aluminium mesh is very compatible with Colorbond steel.

The majority (over 90%) of metal roof and gutter are manufactured from a metal product known as Colorbond. Colorbond is manufactured from a combination of aluminium and zinc. As Expanded Mesh is an aluminium product it makes it the most suitable type of gutter protection for use with Colorbond and Zincalume. For further information visit

Yes, our installers are professionals who have been trained by our company to provide you with top quality workmanship. All of our installers comply with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. They have also completed a Height Certificate and are insured to work on your roof.

Our company has been providing quality service and workmanship to home owners since 1992. We have built an enviable reputation and are recognised as an industry leader.


Yes we always offer pensioners and seniors our maximum promotional discount and sometimes a bit more.